ARP Pro Series Rod Bolt kit 251-6203 Ford Focus RS MK2

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ARP2000 is a heavily alloyed martensitic quench and temper steel, initially developed for use in steam power plants. As such it has excellent stability at high temperatures. But most important, ARP research discovered that in addition to temperature stability it has excellent notch toughness in the higher strength ranges and is alloyed to be tempered to Rc44/47. 8740 and 4340 can be tempered to the same hardness. But, the tempering temperature would yield material in the “temper brittle zone” (between 500° and 700°F), producing significant notch sensitivity. ARP2000 is tempered above that temperature range and has a strength between 200,000 and 220,000 psi.

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ARP Pro Series Rod Bolt kit 251-6203 Ford Focus RS MK2

Brand: ARP

Manufacturer’s Part Number : 251-6203

Part Type: Connecting Rod Bolts

Fastener Yield Strength (psi) :   200,000 psi

Connecting Rod Bolt Material :  ARP2000 alloy


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