CAT CAMS Camshafts Citroën /Peugeot 1323703 TU5JP4S 125hpI-4cyl 1.6L 16v DOHC (DTH/DTH)Citroën C2 VTS 125hp

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Cat Cams is delighted to launch a new pair of ‘Sport’ profiles for the late model Citroen C2 VTS, running the 125 bhp 1.6-litre, 16-valve DOHC engine.
These VTS badged cars, produced between 2008 and 2009, use sharper cam profiles as standard compared to the 110 bhp VTR / GT versions of the C2 and this specially enhanced version of the TU5JP4-S powerplant is identified by its alloy inlet manifold.
Following detail design studies and back to back dyno testing, Cat Cams have optimised a profile that both enhances mid range and top end performance, while retaining a street friendly idle.
Technical details on the Cat Cams Citroen C2 VTS 125 bhp Sport profiles are as follows, shown in comparison to the original factory cams:
OEM : 248/240° – 206/200° – 9.00/8.70mm
1323703: 248/240° – 220/212° – 9.50/9.15mm
Carrying part number 1323703, the Cat Cams ‘Sport’ profiles for the 125 bhp Citroen C2 VTS feature modest increases in valve lift and duration to deliver a robust performance gain without upsetting low speed running and everyday driveability.
A direct swap for the standard C2 VTS camshafts, the Cat Cams 1323703 profiles are CNC ground from fresh castings and are directly compatible with the standard Citroen hydraulic followers.
When used in conjunction with an ECU remap (or piggyback ECU) to optimise the air / fuel ratio, testing by Nottingham based Citroen specialist Cituning proves that – in conjunction with an ECU remap – the Cat Cams 1323703 profiles deliver a peak power increase of up to 12 bhp @ 6500 rpm. Similarly, torque increases by 8lb.ft at 6000 rpm. These figures were recorded at the wheels, please see attached dyno plot.


For ‘conventional’ applications where pricing is important , Cat Cams offers a vast range of high quality chilled cast iron camshafts. Typical applications are fast road and moderate competition camshafts. Development of a casting requires high production volumes, so these are only available for a limited number of big volume applications.


For more demanding applications such as dedicated competition projects, the steel billet production line gets in action as well. Beside casting availability, there are some other reasons to prefer steel billet camshafts: gun drilling a 20mm hole over a length of 400mm saves about 1kg. Thanks to this reduction, the weight of Cat Cams steel billets rivals assembled hollow lightweight camshafts. However, the advantage of these ‘single piece’ steel billets is an important improvement in stiffness and strength, allowing higher acceleration cam profiles.


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camshaft made out of castings in cast iron

Citroën C2 VTS 125hp
248°/240° – 220°/212° – 9.50mm/9.15mm – 0.95mm/0.60mm

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