Ford Cosworth YB/N5 2.0L 16v 4×4 128.5mm K1 Technologies Connecting rods 011BP29129

590.00 Χωρίς ΦΠΑ

Product Description

Billet 4340 Steel H-Beam Design. High Quality ARP 2000 Fasteners included. Shot peened finish provides for longer life. Premium bronze wrist pin bushings. All rods are finished in the USA and held to very tight tolerances. Bores finished to +/- .0001″ and weight to +/- 1 gram per end. Floating wrist pin style.

For YB/N5 engines

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MaterialForged     4340 Steel
Big End Diameter  55.01 mm
Big End Width  25.96 mm
Wrist Pin Bore Diameter  24 mm
Wrist Pin Journal bushing Width  25.96 mm
Wrist Pin Style  Floating
Rod Type  H-Beam
Rod QuantitySold as a set of 4
Weight (grams)  557
Stroker Clearance  No

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