Ivam outlet valves 030V008N11 for HILLMAN HUNTER

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  • Ivam 030V008N11 for HILLMAN HUNTER
  • New Old Stock
  • Chrome Plated valve
  • Sold per set(4 pieces)
  • Excellent at high temperatures
  • Stellite Seat. The stellite deposit on the seat is made to reduce oxidation and corrosion to a minimum.This special alloy increases the life of the valve and it is specially recommended for high performance or lead free petrol engines
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  • Ivam outlet valves 030V008N11 for HILLMAN HUNTER
  • Head Diameter         30.50 mm
  • Stem Diameter           7.90 mm
  • Length                      118.5mm
  • Seat angle                 45 degrees       
Maker Model Engine Cc Cyls Year Code No. O.E. Reference Usage Head Stem Length Head / Stem Seat angle Notes Guides
HILLMAN HUNTER 1725 4 1966

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