JE Pistons 222099 Yamaha YZF-R1 04 Piston Kit

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222099 JE

JE, Yamaha, R1, 13.50:1, 77.00 mm Bore, 4 Cyl. Piston Kit

As the leader in forged racing pistons, JE Pistons has applied over 75 years of experience to its wide range of premium forged pistons for sport bike and other motorcycle engines. Engineered, forged and machined 100% in the USA, JE Pistons are designed for each specific engine and riding application to provide the ultimate combination of durability and performance. From the road course to the drag strip everything in between, JE Pistons’ performance is proven with every handful of throttle and wave of the checkered flag. Equip your bike with the best in forged pistons.

  • Forged in the USA using 2618 aluminum, yielding high tensile strength needed for high-demand performance applications
  • Designed specifically for each engine and use application to provide optimized performance durability
  • Proprietary Forged Side Relief (FSR) forging design minimizes friction and power loss with reduced skirt width and saves additional weight with a shorter wrist pin
  • Includes high-quality wrist pins, locks, and JE Pro Seal premium piston rings
  • Made 100% in the USA


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Piston Series JE Pistons
Cylinder Head 5V 1000
Bore Diameter 77.00 MM
Compression Ratio Actual 13.50:1
Piston Head Type Dome
Piston Volume 12.70 CC
Piston Material 2618
Forging Type FSR
Piston Average Weight 183 GR
Ring Set Included Yes
Top Compression Ring Thickness 0.0360 IN
Second Compression Ring Thickness 0.0320 IN
Oil Ring Thickness 0.0585 IN
Wrist Pin Outer Diameter 0.669 IN
Wrist Pin Wall Thickness 0.140 IN

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