JE Pro Seal MLS Head Gasket Audi Volkswagen 1996-2005 1.8T 20V 83mm Bore 0.055″ 1.4mm Thickness VW1000-055

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JE Pro Seal Gaskets are a new line of premium high performance MLS stainless steel head gaskets for both Domestic and Sport Compact applications.

The JE Pro Seal Manufacturing Process JE Pro Seal Gaskets are manufactured to a higher standard than typical MLS head gaskets.

JE Pro Seal gaskets are manufactured from layers of stainless steel that are taken from raw format, cut into sheets, and laser cut into a preliminary shape. Each layer is then put through a multi stage embossing process which allows for a slow forming and smooth radii embossment for maximum sealing that reduces any high stress points and the chance of cracking. This method also eliminates the corrosion issues that pre-coated gaskets are prone to from the exposed areas after they are cut. Those corrosion areas can create hot spots where detonation can occur.

The layers are then put through a heat treatment process which normalizes the layers into that embossed form. This allows a type of memory when the gasket is heat cycling. So even when the gasket is removed it will still have a high embossment strength. The layers are then put through a multi stage coating process of JE’s proprietary design which permits maximum sealing on various deck surfaces. Lastly the gaskets layers are assembled into their final state.




Weight 1.0000
Part Type Head Gaskets
Make Audi, Volkswagen
Vehicle Group A4 97-01 B5 8D, A4 FWD 02-05 B6 8E/8H, Passat 98-05 B5-B5.5, TT 00-06 MK1 8N, GTI 00-06 MK4, Jetta 00-05 MK4
Engine 1.8T 20V
Bore Diameter 83mm
Gasket Thickness 0.055″ / 1.4mm
Gasket Thickness 0.055″ / 1.4mm
Manufacturer JE
Bore Oversize 0.080″ / 2.0mm
Gasket Material MLS


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