JE Subaru EJ257 as in Impreza STI/WRX Sti ’04 and up Ultra Series pistons 361327 99.50mm 8,5:1

1,175.00 Χωρίς ΦΠΑ

       Features & Specs:
  • Stainless steel gas nitride top rings
  • Cast iron Napier hook second rings
  • Flex-vent oil rings with gas nitride scraper rails
  • ArmorGlide skirt coating
  • Necessary piston rings, pins and corresponding clips included
  • Sold as a full set of four (4) pistons
  • Suitable for Subaru EJ257 as in Impreza STI/WRX Sti ’04 and up
  • Compression ration calculated with 51,00cc head volume and gasket thickness of 0.53mm
  • FSR series(forged side relief)
  • Ultra Series(Lateral Gas Ports, Accumulator Grooves , Skirt Coating, Ceramic Crown Coating, Upgrated Pins)


  • Bore Diameter              99.50m
  • Compression Height     30.70mm
  • Dish net volume           -16.5cc
  • Compression ratio        8.5 :1
  • Pin diameter                 23.00mm
  • Weight                         408gr
  • For 79.0mm stroker crank

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