KOLBENSCHMIDT FLEXIGAUGE/ PLASTIGAUGE 120000417001 .001”-.003” (0.025mm-0.176mm) MEASUREMENT

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Measuring tape from the Kolbenschmidt brand for precise measuring of the gaps between bearings. Package contains 10 plastic measuring tools, scale and manual. Suitable also for measuring of touch surfaces of cylinder heads or tubings etc. Perfect for service and check ups.

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German brand Kolbenschmidt is one of the most significant suppliers of engine parts in Europe. It has branch offices in 130 countries in the world. The company employs more than twelve thousand people in forty factories all around the globe. Kolbenschmidt products are on top of the OE market and also the aftermarket. They are on top of the automotive industry worldwide. Their products comply to the highest standards in the automotive industry.


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General Information: Plastic Gauge plain bearing measuring strip
General Information: The plastic gauge measuring strip enables a simple but accur ate measurement of bearing clearances and gap dimensions. Ar eas of application include crankshaft and connecting rod bea rings as well as situations in which a feeler gauge cannot b e used. Measuring range:0.025 to 0.175 mm / 0.001 – 0.007 inch Further application possibilities: Determining unevenness on cylinder head sealing faces and flange connections. Scope of delivery: 10 measuring strips, measuring instructio ns and measuring scale.



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