Wiseco Boostline Conrod Set VW I-Beam 144.00mm-pin 21 VW5669-827+

1,465.00 Χωρίς ΦΠΑ

Part Number: VW5669-827


  • CAWA
  • CAWB
  • CCTA
  • CCZB
  • CAEA

Length:  144.0mm

Pin Diameter:  21mm
PE Width:  22
BE Width:  21.89
Housing Bore:  50.61
Bolt Size:  3/8″
Bolt P/N:  BT61501-625



BoostLine Connecting Rods are your best option for any high horsepower Audi turbocharged engine.

Our engineering team created this new, patented 3-pocket design specifically for demanding turbocharged applications. BoostLine Connecting Rods provide 60% more bending strength compared to common H-beam rods! Each rod is designed, finished and inspected in the USA and includes a detailed inspection report generated on our Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Machined from premium 4340 forged steel. High quality ARP 2000 Bolts included.

Designed specifically for high horsepower forced induction and nitrous applications

• 60% increase in bending strength vs. H-Beam

• Patent Pending high strength 3-pocket design

• Machined from premium 4340 forged steel

• High quality CA625+  Bolts included

• Inspected and finished in the USA (Mentor, Ohio)

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