JE pistons ULTRA SERIES 367860Group VAG 2.0L 16vt TSI EA888/EA113 for GOLF V/VI 9.6:1 82.50mm

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       Features & Specs:
  • Stainless steel gas nitride top rings
  • Cast iron Napier hook second rings
  • Flex-vent oil rings with gas nitride scraper rails
  • Necessary piston rings, pins and corresponding clips included
  • Sold as a full set of four (4) pistons
  • Suitable for all group VAG 2.0LT 16v engines that use 92.80mm stroke crank
  • Compression ration calculated with 46cc head volume and gasket thickness of 0.90mm
  • FSR series
  • Accepts Turbo and Nitrous
  • Ultra series

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  • Bore Diameter              82.50mmo
  • Compression Height     29.30mm
  • Compression ratio        9.6:1
  • Pin diameter                 21.00mm
  • offset pin
  • For 92.80mm  stroker crank
  • Piston Pin Material 9310 NICKEL CARBON STEEL ALLOY
  • Piston Material 2618

Ultra Series pistons combine JE’s premium features and all-new, industry-first technology into an off-the-shelf piston kit! This includes aligned grain flow technology, a proprietary JE technology that aligns the grain flow in critical areas of the piston to improve strength, and several other high-end features.

JE’s revolutionary Perfect Skirt coating is one of the many technologically advanced aspects of the Ultra Series. It protects the piston skirts, reduces friction, while eliminating cold-start piston slap and false knock on computer-controlled engines.

All Ultra Series pistons will come standard with ceramic crown coating to help reject combustion heat for durability and better exhaust scavenging characteristics.

Thicker, premium-material wrist pins are another, strength-boosting feature of the Ultra Series line. Combined with unique Grain Flow Optimized forging technology, the Ultra Series is ready for huge power.


  • Grain Flow Optimized Forging
  • Lateral Gas Ports
  • Ceramic Crown Coating
  • Perfect Skirt Coating
  • Accumulator Groove
  • Double Broach Pin Oiling
  • Upgraded 9310 Pins and locks
  • Carbon Steel Nitride Rings

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